With electricity prices on the rise, you need to make sure that you are using your air conditioner efficiently. As experts in air conditioning and ducted heating Melbourne, we recommend the following to stay nice and cool, keep your bills low and help the environment:

When Choosing an AirConditioner for Maximum Efficiency:

  • Check How Much Energy It Uses

Compare the energy consumption (kilowatts) of each model when purchasing your unit and organising air conditioning and heater installation in Melton, Sunbury and the surrounding areas of Melbourne.

  • Check the Energy Rating

Star ratings are usually between 1 and 6 stars. The higher the rating the more energy efficient it is! When organisingair conditioning and ducted heating installation Melbourne residents should choose a high star rating. This unit will not only work more effectively it will keep your electricity bills low too!

  • Chose a Split System With a Variable Speed Drive

A split system will keep you cool in summer and toasty warm in winter. The variable speed drive will automatically speed up and slow down the air conditioner depending on the urgency of heating and cooling.

  • Ensure you Choose the Best Size

When organising ducted heating and heater installation in Melton and surrounding areas, choose the best size unit for your home.If you have a large house you will need a larger air conditioner to cool your home. A smaller home requires a smaller unit. Having a large air conditioning unit in a small home can mean that your electricity bill is higher than it needs to be!

To Keep Your Air-conditioned Working Effectively

  • Keep Vents, Windows and Doors Closed

This will stop cool air from escaping, and keep your electricity bill low.

  • Run the Air Conditioner at a Slower Speed at Night

As it is cooler at night the air conditioner does not need to be at top speed. This will reduce its output and lower your power bill.

  • Quickly Organise Air Conditioner and Heater Repairs Sunbury Areas

For best performance and to minimise the chance of breakdown organise air conditioner and heater servicing on the unit each year. Always fix any small problems while they are still small.

  • Keep Your Fans Running

Keeping your fans running will distribute the air evenly around the home. Your air conditioning unit will not need to work as hard.

  • Adjust the temperature for the season

 Always adjust the temperature of your air conditioner to the season so that it is cooling your home to the most comfortable temperature.

  • Let in Some Fresh Air Early in the Morning or Late at Night

At these times it is cooler, and your air conditioner will not need to be working at its peak. Your home does need to be ventilated each day.

To ensure that your air conditioning unit is working effectively follow these tips! For a free quote on quality air conditioning and heater installation and heater repairs, Sunbury regions contact us!

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