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Split System Installation in Melbourne

Split system air conditioning will keep your family cool this summer. Keep out the heat and stay cool with a quality split system air conditioning unit. Whether you are building a new home, or need to upgrade your air conditioning unit, a split-cycle system is ideal for ultimate temperature control in the home.

The weather in Melbourne can be extreme,with heatwaves in summer and temperatures throughout winter sometimes getting down to 1°Celcius. When you organize split system installation in Melbourne, the reverse cycle and temperature control features of our quality air condition units will have your home at a comfortable temperature all year around!

There are a host of other features to split-cycle systems including humidifiers, iSensor to direct the flow of air automatically towards where people are in the room, timer functionality, setting up different temperatures for different rooms –  and much more!

We use only top brands at the Heating &Cooling Company and are renowned for our friendly service and exceptional customer care.

Quality Split System Service in Melbourne Areas

To have your air conditioner working to optimum effect, organizing regular servicing. Our expert technicians can schedule a regular split system service in Melbourne areas to keep your air conditioning system working at its best. Regular servicing will help to alleviate breakdowns and the need for repairs.

Expert Split System Repairs

At Heating& Cooling Company we can undertake split system repairs in Melbourne on your existing air conditioning unit to get it running again. We have many years of experience and give fast and efficient service every time. For emergency split system repairs in Melbourne contact us!

At Heating & Cooling Company our service is second to none, our staff is professional and friendly, and our prices are affordable. We will explain our products, installation procedures, and service and repair processes to you in a way that you can understand. For more information on supply, installation, and split system service in Melbourne contact us.


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