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Ducted heating repair and maintenance is more important than you think for your Melbourne home

Do you know if your ducted heating or cooling unit is blowing harmful bacteria into your household?

Ducted heating and evaporative cooling units require a service every two years to ensure optimum performance for the unit, check if a repair is needed, and more importantly that it’s operating safely in your Melbourne home.

Poisonous mould, mildew and fungi can build up deep inside your air conditioners or heaters, restricting the airflow, overloading the motor, increasing your electricity bill, while spitting out these harmful substances into the air you breathe.

Small animals and insects can crawl into the units and die, breaking down into harmful bacteria, which can then spread into the air you breathe.

The consequence of this can be quite serious. It can cause real health problems for your family, triggering asthma attacks in children and in extreme cases, causing chronic fatigue and other severe illnesses. An example is legionella bacteria, which causes the potentially fatal Legionnaires’ disease.

For this reason, the maintenance service of your evaporative cooler and ducted heating from our expert Melbourne technicians is crucial. Your heater system will receive a complete check and anti-bacterial treatment, thorough clean inside and out, along with a safety check and main component check.

The thorough safety check on heating units also includes carbon monoxide testing and component capability.

We are the experts in evaporative coolers, split systems, and ducted heater installations and repairs. We guarantee a solution! At the Heating & Cooling Company, our team has the expertise to work on all brands and the experience to make honest and informed decisions when it comes to having your climate system running to its optimum capability.

What Are Some Signs You Might Require Ducted Heating Service for Your Melbourne Home?

Oftentimes, it can be difficult to identify when you might require a ducted heating service performed for your system. There are a few signs that you can take into consideration when debating calling our ducted heating service technicians, for instance:

  • Irregular Heating: If your heating system is functioning correctly one second and not working the next, that might mean the ducting is damaged and requires a repair and maintenance service. Moreover, the reduced airflow from the system can also indicate that the ducts are faulty and need an inspection by a professional technician.
  • Too Noisy: If your ducted heating system is creating a great deal of noise, you may need to contact a specialist to service the heater. Excess noise can happen due to a number of reasons (such as a loose component or an ignition problem etc.), however our expert technicians can identify and resolve the issue for you without any hassle.
  • Increase in Energy Bills: The inefficient functioning of a ducted heating system can indicate that it might require repair and maintenance services to operate normally again. Our professional specialists are well-versed in recognising the problem and rectifying it immediately.

Melbourne can count on our ducted heating repair and maintenance service specialists

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We also specialise in providing you with prompt assistance if you require emergency heating or cooling repairs.

Feel free to contact your local Melbourne Heating & Cooling company for ducted heating and cooling repair, maintenance and many more services today!

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I just wanted to say big Thanks to Ryan for his excellent and prompt service in quick repairing my mums ducted heater and re-coding evaporate cooler. Honest, polite guy with good knowledge of the work his doing. Will use his service again. I would highly recommend it to anyone who need good and reliable service of cooling or ducted heating.
Vitali Broder

December 2015


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