In Melbourne, a quality heater and air conditioning system is vital for absolute comfort all year around. It can be tempting to install your own heater to save money. Doing this without expert knowledge can be dangerous, and can end up costing you both time and money. As an experienced company specializing in heater repairs in Sunbury and surrounding areas, we have seen the following problems occur with the home installation of heating and cooling units:

Your Warranty Can Become Void

If you attempt home heater installation in Sunbury areas, and Australia Wide, your warranty may become void. On larger purchases such as air-conditioners, televisions, and cars, a warranty is important. When we organize your heater installation any necessary heater repairs in Bentleigh and other surrounding Melbourne areas will be covered by warranty. We provide a warranty with all new installations.

Your Heater Installation is Professional

When you have your heater installation in Sunbury and surrounding areas done by us, you can be assured that your unit is professionally installed. Installing a heating unit incorrectly can leave you with a house that remains cold in winter and hot in summer, and with high electricity bills. You will then need to organize for air conditioner and heater repairs in Sunbury home.


When you organize your own installation of heater and air conditioning units, this can lead to electrical faults and even electrocution. For the safety of you and your family only, have your heating and cooling units installed by a qualified professional.

Having your installation done professionally the first time will save you costly repair bills. For installation and heater repairs in Glen Waverly, Sunbury and surrounds contact us at Heat and Cool Company.

Our family owned and operated company is based in Sunbury and our professional technicians cover most areas of Melbourne. We also do emergency heater repairs in Glen Waverley and surrounding areas.

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