When choosing an air-conditioning system for your home, consider the size of your house, the amount of maintenance involved, whether you required reverse cycle air conditioning and your budget!

Here are some tips for choosing the right air conditioning installation in Melbourne:

Air conditioning installation Melbourne areas

Air conditioning installation in Melton and surrounds is easy for us as professionals. It should take only a few hours and your new system will be cooling your home down in no time! Ducted systems take longer to install those split systems.

Is Your Home Single or Double Storey?

Split system air conditioning units are ideal for single story 2-3 bedroom homes. Each air conditioning unit will supply air conditioning for up to four rooms. Installing a split-cycle system in the living room as well as each bedroom will easily keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

For larger or double story homes ducted air conditioning may be better suited to your home. Ducts can be run into each room, regardless of which level of your home the room is located on.

Features of Your Air Conditioning Units

Do you require a lot of features in your air conditioning units, or are you happy to set and forget your air conditioner?  When organizing air conditioning installation in Melton and surrounding areas of Melbourne consider the features that you wish to use. Split systems can include air filtration and ionization, iSensor technology to automatically direct the air towards where people are located in the home, quiet operation and a host of programmable settings. All modern split systems have temperature control and reverse cycling.

Running Costs

Split cycle air conditioning is expensive to run if you run all units simultaneously. To save on your power bill, adjust the temperature to suit each room, and only cool the rooms that are in use.

Air Conditioning Service in Melbourne

All air-conditioning units need regular servicing and maintenance to keep them in good working order. Always have this done by an expert. A Split system air conditioning service in Melbourne is generally much cheaper than servicing ducted systems. Repairs of split systems are also less expensive.

Choosing an air conditioning unit for your home is a large investment. For professional advice on quality supply, installation, service and air conditioning repairs in Melbourne areas, contact us at Heating & Cooling Company.

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