Evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne is a great method of cooling your home. This method of air-conditioning is perfectly suited to the dry Melbourne climate. It is ideal for those homes and offices where there is access to open windows and doors.

Using Evaporated Cooling Services in Sunbury

Evaporative cooling works using pads soaked in water to cool your home. The hot air from outdoors is pumped through the pads which cause the water to evaporate and the heat in the air to be absorbed. The pads act as a filtering system. This process cools the temperature of the air.

A fan pushes the cooled air through the ducting system.

Fresh Air and a Cool Home

As the cool air is not recirculated through the home, a window or door needs to be left open to allow the air to escape.Unlike other air-conditioning systems, this means that you are getting a constant flow of cool fresh air. You receive 100% fresh air into your home or workplace when you organize evaporative cooling installation in Melbourne regions. This is ideal throughout our hot summers.

Economical to Run

Installing an evaporative cooling service in Sunbury and surrounding areas will reduce your cooling costs by up to 50%. It is also an environmentally friendly method of cooling.

A Healthy Means of Cooling

Evaporative cooling is perfect for those who suffer from respiratory problems and allergies. As our evaporative cooling service in Melbourne uses moisture to cool the air, it will not dry out your skin, eyes, and sinuses. The filtering of the air means that germs are removed, and the constant fresh air is healthy and pleasant.

Evaporative air-conditioning is a great option for cooling your home in Victoria. At Heat and Cool Company, we provide a professional evaporative cooling service in Melbourne servicing Sunbury, Glen Waverley, Airport West, Melton, Bentleigh and surrounds. For more information on this healthy and economical means of cooling your home or workspace contact us today.

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