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air conditioning service melbourne eastern suburbs

Don’t let your family suffer during a week of 40 degree temperatures any longer. We have a ferocious environment here in Melbourne. It gets cold in the winter and incredibly hot in the summer. Over the last few years, we have been having record breaking heatwaves and this looks set to continue.

If you want to stay cool this summer, then now is the time to invest in air conditioning services. Have it serviced today so that when the mercury starts to head upward you can combat it with a cost effective and efficient AC unit.


The leading air conditioning service firm in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne

The Heating and Cooling Company are the leaders in Melbourne and across the Eastern Suburbs when it comes to air conditioning. We bring many years of experience to the job and pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service. You know when you call us that you will get the very best outcome possible, as we can service almost any unit from any manufacturer and we will do it quickly and at a reasonable price.

By ensuring your air conditioner is well maintained,  you can be sure to stay cool in the summer and save money on your electricity bills. A well serviced air conditioning machine will be able to pump out the cold air more effectively and efficiently than a unit that has not been serviced, so make sure that your AC is ready to go before the heat starts to rise.

No matter if you live in Melbourne’s eastern or western suburbs our technicians will service your air conditioning unit thoroughly:

  • Checking how efficiently your air conditioner is operating
  • Checking gas pressure and refrigerant levels
  • We’ll clean the coils and burners
  • We’ll check for leaks in piping or insulation and repair them if we find any.
  • Replace any blocked air filters
  • We’ll check the thermostat is correctly calibrated and adjust it if necessary
  • We’ll make sure the fans are operating properly and
  • ensure that it’s not vibrating or making excessive noise

We’ll also show you how to easily clean the filter in your air conditioner, so you can keep it cooling your home properly between major services.

The filters on air conditioning units must also be regularly cleaned to prevent the build up of bacteria and mould which can be extremely harmful to your health and the health of your family.

Melbourne’s eastern suburbs preferred provider of air conditioning service 

Our friendly team of technician’s service a wide area, including:

Don’t wait until your family is suffering in the middle of a heatwave to try and get your unit serviced. All air conditioning companies are run off their feet and it can sometimes be very hard to get a service appointment.

Act now and make sure that you have got your cooling system in good repair and ready to go for any emergencies. There is nothing worse than trying to stay cool during a heatwave with a faulty cooling system.

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We had Craig and Jake from The Heating and Cooling Company remove and replace our split system and highly recommend their service. They are fast, professional, competitively priced and child-with-many-questions friendly. They were a pleasure to have in our home and left the house clean and cool – even filled some excess holes from our old system and rolled some paint over it for us. If you’re looking for a great local heating and cooling service, these are your guys!


April, 2016


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