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Installing a new heating or cooling system in Melbourne

Melbourne weather is prone to drop to almost freezing temperatures in the winter months. If you’re building a new home, renovating or just looking to upgrade, our experts will help you choose the best system for your requirements and your budget to keep your family feeling comfortable. There are many options we can discuss with you, including:

Reverse cycle systems installed in Melbourne
The size and type of the unit you choose will depend on:

  • The size of your home or building.
  • The building materials – How well it is insulated from the outside temperature.
  • The size of the windows.
  • The orientation of your home or office – the direction your living areas and bedrooms face
  • How well the building is shaded
  • The ceiling height.
  • If you plan to extend the building in the foreseeable future.
  • Your budget.

Every home and every family’s situations are different, the same is true goes for every business. So, to make sure you are adequately protected from the worst chills of the year, contact one of our Melbourne ducted heating and cooling installation specialists today who will recommend the best solution for your current situation.

The smarter choice for Ducted heating installation in Melbourne

Cooling systems, heater repairs and installations, except the most basic window mounted air conditioner, requires a licensed specialist for safety reasons.

You need a licensed electrician for modifications to any wiring in the house and a licensed plumber for gas lines. Our friendly technicians are licensed to install gas and electrical systems and are trained and licensed in handling refrigerants. They also have decades of experience in dealing with all different types of heating and cooling systems. We are the most reliable people in the business for ducted heating and cooling installation in your Melbourne home.

new heating or cooling system is an investment, so to get the maximum return possible it is important to enlist experienced professionals for proper installation. Trust it to the Heating & Cooling Company – your local experts – for the finest ducted heating installation in Melbourne.

How is Ducted Heating by Our Melbourne Installation Experts Beneficial for You

Ducted heating can make your living space all the more cosy and inviting especially after coming back after a long day. There are a range of benefits to consider when debating having professionals perform ducted heating installation in your home, for instance:

  • Centralised Heating: Ducted heating systems allow for heating to spread through your home efficiently and properly spread warmth throughout rather than in just one room. With the help of our Melbourne specialists, you can rest assured that your ducted heating installation is performed properly and operates as it should.
  • Cost-Effective: Opting for ducted heating by our installation professionals can help you reduce the need to have heating systems for different rooms as they are energy efficient units.
  • Effortless Control: Most ducted heating systems come with a central control panel during installation from where you can easily adjust the temperature as per your preferences.
  • No Intrusion on Aesthetics: The ducted heating has its grills mounted in ceilings and floors with other components out of sight and inside the infrastructure. This way you can preserve your current aesthetic setup.

Ducted Heating Installation Professionals Servicing Melbourne and Surrounds

Our Technicians are based in the following locations in Melbourne:

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The best customer service I have ever experienced. These guys are unbelievable. Good price, prompt installation and did not hesitate to come back to make some final enhancements. Well done guys. I will be using you in the future for all my heating and cooling needs.

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