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Offering More in Ducted Heating and Cooling for Surrounding Eastern Suburbs.

Don’t suffer through summer sweating or winter freezing any longer. In a city with such temperamental weather, we are here to keep your Melbourne home or business as comfortable as possible all year round. For all your ducted heating and cooling needs we are the best in the business. Our highly professional and experienced team are specialists in providing a full suite of services, including emergency repairs, installation, servicing and maintenance all throughout Melbourne and the eastern suburbs.

As one of the top heating and cooling companies, we pride ourselves on genuinely caring about our customers’ heating and cooling needs. Our technicians’ attention to detail and results focus means we are dedicated to finding and recommending the right solution to match your space and lifestyle.
You won’t find other heating and cooling companies in Melbourne and the eastern suburbs offering such high-quality service and competitive pricing. No job is too big or small for the team at the Heating & Cooling Company and we are more than happy to provide you with an obligation-free quote.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Checks

Energy Safe Victoria states, “All types of gas heaters should be serviced a minimum of every two years by a registered gas fitter and tested for CO spillage”.  Don’t delay. We are registered gas fitters.  Call or message us today to arrange a safety check.



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Emergency heating and cooling repairs in Melbourne

Get the Experts In, FAST

When you can’t do without heating or cooling in your Melbourne home or business, you need to contact one of the leading heating and cooling companies’ experts for help.

Installing a new heating or cooling system

Install a New System

Need a new heating or cooling system? Call us to ensure your system is correctly installed by professionals when you need it, at a price you can afford.

Servicing and Repairs

System Servicing

Get your air conditioner or heater serviced and it will perform better and save money on electricity. It also won’t spread bacteria and mould through your home.

All of the guys are amazing. They are prompt, efficient, can diagnose the problem in an instant and really know their stuff. As a single lady, I’ve sometimes felt that people do try to rip me off because I don’t know enough about what they are doing, but with Craig and the team there’s total trust! Well done guys on building a great professional, yet friendly reputation.

March, 2021

Why Ducted Heating and Cooling is the Right Choice for Your Melbourne Home

With Melbourne’s temperamental weather, ducted heating and cooling can help make your home in the eastern suburbs as comfortable as possible no matter the temperature. There are a range of advantages to installing a ducted heating and cooling system in your property, for instance:

  • Whole Heating and Cooling: By using a ducted heating and cooling system, you gain the versatility of controlling the temperature of your entire living space altogether rather than individually adjusting each room. With a single control panel or remote control, you can change the temperature of your home with the simple click of a button.
  • Smooth Operation: Ducted heating and cooling systems operate quietly, making your home environment in the eastern suburbs more relaxing.
  • Cost-Efficient: A ducted heating and cooling system is low energy consumption thereby making it energy efficient. Moreover, with the help of our companies’ top professionals it is also a cost-effective option to install in your home or workplace.
  • No Clutter: Most components of ducted heating and cooling are set up in the roof and walls with the vents being slightly visible in each room. This allows you to maintain your preferred aesthetic without any disruptions.
  • Property Value: Ducted heating and cooling can potentially increase the overall value of your property in the eastern suburbs due to the centralised temperature control feature being inbuilt.
The Heating & Cooling Company Melbourne

What Makes us Different to Other Heating Companies in Melbourne and the Eastern Suburbs

The Heating & Cooling Company is a family owned and operated company, based in Sunbury, with technicians covering most of Melbourne and the surrounding eastern suburbs. We have built a reputation as one of the city’s most trusted heating companies thanks to our strong client relationships and excellent workmanship.

We provide a wide array of services for ducted heating and evaporative cooling systems, air conditioners, and emergency services.

Our Melbourne team can provide you with professional advice and help you choose the ducted heating or cooling system that best suits your needs and budget. We will consider all options to help you make the smartest choice in climate control.

You have the choice of a great range of systems to suit any space and budget. With only the most trusted and quality companies’ brands in stock, you’re sure to be able to find the system that best meets your requirements.

The Heating and Cooling Specialists Melbourne Can Rely On

As one of the most reliable heating and cooling companies, our staff is a highly skilled team of tradespeople, with years of industry experience, servicing the entire community including homes, businesses, office spaces, community groups, real estate groups, sporting organisations, health care institutions, and more…

Our ducted heating and cooling technicians are based in the following locations in Melbourne:

We service extensive parts of Melbourne and the eastern suburbs. To see our complete list of operational areas – Click Here

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What is the best ducted heating system for homes in Melbourne?

Reverse cycle heating systems are top quality when it comes to adaptability, energy-efficiency, noise-reduction and providing an incredibly comfortable experience. What’s more, they are incredibly cost-efficient, with many homeowners and tenants reporting lower energy costs even at the height of winter. Our experts have the skills and experience to service reverse cycle heating systems.

How much does ducted heating and cooling installation cost in Melbourne?

Installing ducted gas heating in Melbourne can cost anywhere between $3,000 and $8,000 and this includes both supply and installation. Naturally, the cost will vary depending on the model you choose and the size of your home. Our team will happily provide you with a comprehensive quote on your system’s installation before we go to work on installing it.

How much does it cost to convert ducted heating to cooling?

Once again, this depends on a variety of factors like the size of your home and the system you would like to have installed. Please feel free to consult our experts regarding converting ducted heating to cooling in your home. We will be happy to provide you with a quote regarding this service.

Can ducted heating also cool?

You can opt to install an additional refrigerated cooling system to your current ducted heating system. This additional system will permit you to run a refrigerated cooling system through the same outlets and ducting as your current ducted heating system – speak to our pros to make this happen.

What is cheaper to run: ducted heating or split system?

Split systems are typically seen to be cheaper to buy, install and run than ducted heating systems. They typically require less space for installation and allow greater temperature control with each indoor unit. All this combines to lower costs and make split systems cheaper than their ducted heating counterparts.

Do you need windows open for ducted cooling?

Yes, you need to keep the windows open to allow for any warm air to escape your home as it is not taken into an outside condenser. You should always open windows that are situated away from any of your system’s vents or ducts. But only keep the windows slightly open as this will allow warm air to leave whilst preventing any condensation build up.

We service and repair all brands, including:

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