When choosing an air-conditioning system for installation in Melbourne, consider a split system. In a split system the condenser is split from the main system and placed either outside the building or on the wall of the premises. In larger premises, several units may be installed to achieve maximum effect.

The condenser of a split-cycle air conditioning unit is connected to the main system by way of either electrical cabling or copper pipes. This needs to be installed by a company experienced in split system installation. Melbourne premises are cooled when the cool air is pushed to the indoor unit from the condenser coil. It passes through a compressor to increase the air pressure. Cold air is distributed using a fan via way of the evaporator calls.

Using a thermostat or infra-red remote control allows you to set your ideal temperature at your home or work premises. At times different temperatures may be required for different rooms. You may choose to turn the air conditioner off while you are at work, and time it to come on a little before you get home. Bedrooms may only need air conditioning at night time as they are not used throughout the day. Likewise, the air-conditioning in offices is normally switched off after business hours to save electricity.

Split cycle air conditioning systems are low maintenance and are economical to maintain. Always have maintenance and repairs done regularly and by an expert. A split system service in Melbourne should be done ideally every six months.

Split system units do not take up a lot of space and blend in well with any décor. These air conditioning systems come with re-useable filters that can be replaced by us at Heat and Cool.

Split system installation in Melbourne is popular in homes, shopping centers, doctor’s surgeries, schools, supermarkets, and offices. It is an easy and affordable form of cooling.

For installation servicing and split system repairs in Melbourne and surrounds contact us at Heating & Cooling Company! We do quality installs and emergency repairs throughout Melbourne. Speak to us about the best split system service Melbourne offers!

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