As experts in air-conditioning and ducted heating installation Melbourne regions, we find that there are many things to consider when you are buying a heating or cooling unit. To help you make the best choice, we have the following tips:

  • Check its Energy Efficiency Rating

Star ratings are usually between 1 and 6 stars. The higher the rating the more energy efficient it is! When organizing air conditioning and ducted heating installation Sunbury and other Melbourne residents should choose a high star rating for best energy efficiency.

  • Ensure You Choose the Best Size for Your Home

When organizing air-conditioning and heater installation Sunbury and surrounding areas, choose the best size unit for your home.For bedrooms, 130 watts per square meter is a good guide. 140 watts per square meter is needed for living room areas.

  • Consider the Type of Unit That is Best for Your Melbourne Home
  • Ducted Heating Installation Sunbury, Melton and Surrounding Areas

A reverse cycle ducted air conditioning unit will keep your home cool in the summer months as well as warm in winter. This is a great option in the Melbourne climate.

  • Split Cycle Air Conditioner

These units are cost effective to run and can cool and heat your home. Multiple units can be installed throughout the house.

  • Inverter System

Inverter systems automatically adjust the temperature of the air. There is no need for them to stop and start, the home is cooled or heated quickly and they are cheap to run.

  • Multi Systems

Multi systems connect multiple units to a central condenser. They are operated with a single control and different temperatures can be set in separate rooms.

  • Have your System Installed Professionally

Once you have determined the ideal system for your home, have your air conditioner and heater installation Sunbury, Airport West and surrounds installed by an expert. Your heating and cooling system will be safe, installed correctly and operate at its peak. By hiring an expert that only deals in heating and cooling you have peace of mind, knowing that the system is professionally installed.

For more information on quality air conditioning and heater installations Melton, Sunbury, Airport West and surrounding areascontact us today.We also do professional air conditioner and heater repairs Bentleigh, Sunbury, Glen Waverly, Melton and surrounds.

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