When your air conditioning unit is malfunctioning, or not working at all, it may be time for a replacement! Although we can provide regular servicing and repairs Airport West, Sunbury and surrounding Melbourne Areas to keep your heating and cooling units working at their best, generally 10 years is the expected lifespan of most systems.

An old system also will be less energy efficient than an old unit. By installing a new heating and cooling system you will see both an increase in efficiency and a cheaper electricity bill. New units are also much quieter than the older clunkier systems. You will be saving money on repairs as well. A new unit has a great ROI!

Some signs that your heating and cooling unit needs replacing include:

No Cool or Warm Air

When there is a weak airflow going through the vents of your system it could be that the compressor of the system is failing. When some rooms are getting the cool or warm air and others are not, it can be a problem with the air ducts or the thermostat.

Increased Power Bills May Mean you need to Organise New Airconditioning or Heater Installation by Melton Experts

When your power bill suddenly is higher than usual it is possible that your air conditioning unit is not operating as it should. A new unit will quickly save you money, as well as run more effectively.

It Smells Funny

Strange smells coming from your air conditioning or heating unit can be a sign that the unit needs replacing.

Air Conditioning and Heater Repairs Airport West Areas

Excess moisture being released from the unit, or a loud noise coming from the systems are also issues that need checking. It could be that just a service or repair is required, or it may be that your system needs replacing.

If your air conditioning or heating unit shows any of these signs contact us for an assessment. There is nothing worse than the unit failing completely in the middle of a cold winter or a hot summer! We provide a quality air conditioner and heater installation Melton, Sunbury, Airport West, Bentleigh, Glen Waverly and surrounding areas, as well as repairs.

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