Rising electricity prices and environmental concerns are causing us to look closely at our electricity usage, and at ways of cutting back on using our power unnecessarily. In Melbourne summers, the air-conditioned is a real necessity to keep us comfortable – but how do we keep cool and keep the power bill down too?

We provide expert air-conditioning and heater installation in Melton, Sunbury and other areas of Melbourne. Our technicians are based in various areas of Melbourne. As air-conditioning professionals, we recommend the following over summer:

Close Your Windows and Shut the Shades

During the day keep your windows closed, and open them up again of a night to ventilate your home. Shading and closing your windows through the day will stop heating coming in.

Keep the Temperature Difference Minimal

A huge change indifference to the outside temperature can make the air-conditioned work much harder, and it is not good for your health.

Choose an Energy Efficient Air Conditioner

When choosing new air-conditioning or heater installation in Melton, Sunbury or surrounds choose one with an energy efficient labeling. The more stars it has, the more energy efficient the system will be. Look for an environmentally friendly option such as an evaporative cooling unit.

Organise Heater Repairs in Airport West Areas

An air-conditioning unit that is not functioning correctly will not only mean that you do not have a comfortable temperature in your home, it can mean excess electricity bills as well.If your system is not functioning at its peak, contact us for air-conditioning and heater repairs in Airport West and surrounding regions.

A quality air-conditioning and heating unit will see your electricity prices decrease, and your home will stay nice and cool. For service, repairs and air-conditioning and heater installation in Melton, Sunbury, Airport West and surrounds, contact us today!

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